Regresó a Álamos! — 5 Comments

  1. Wonderful pictures that took me back there instantly. I wish I were there with you two. I might get some writing done and I would surely get some eating and schmoozing done. Enjoy your heavenly trip! Love, Gail

  2. Hello Patricia, So nice to see photos of your adventure. Love them and hearing about your busy life there. I love your hand picked greens for your green drink. Healthy and happy. Keep taking photos and writing.

    • Hello Joyce,
      Thinking of you often – looking forward to working with you on our food when I return. Too many meals out here! All is well; enjoying everything and everyone. A great holiday and six more weeks to go; just noticing that I’m relaxing away from the fast (can that be true?) pace of Pacific Grove, which is not fast when compared with, say LA or SF, but is definitely fast compared with Alamos, Mexico. Feel lucky and blessed to have this slowing down experience and curious to see what transpires, within and without. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Love you. Patricia

  3. Wow, Patricia, it sounds so wonderful. The photos look like you’re in paradise! I think doing all the fun things would be ore fun than writing…living in the moment.

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